Wall Finishes
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LataSkim 418 / 419

LATICRETE LataSkim 418 / 419 is a high quality; Polymer fortified cementitious skim coat with excellent water retention, adhesion and workability properties.

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Product Categories

Ensure a successful installation each and every time with the most comprehensive assortment of innovative wall installation materials available. LATICRETE® supplies a variety of commercial and industrial wall finishing products to provide skim coating and smoothing prior to the application of wall covering solutions.五月天亚洲色图黄色网站_五月天亚洲色图黄色网站 高清无 ,天天看高清特色大片1_天天看高清特色大片1_天天看高清特色

Product categories include decorative and non-decorative professional maintenance products for walls – all designed to work together, providing a comprehensive, warrantied installation and ways to protect, clean and transform wall projects for years to come.